XtractMor™ is located in Rome, Ga and has an exclusive license for the patented cavitation based technology embodied in a device called the Shockwave Xtractor (SX).  The exclusive world-wide license is backed by process and device patents domestically and internationally, IP, knowhow and technical support from the licensor, Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

The first extraction market targeted is the alcoholic beverage industry.  In 2015 65 billion gallons of alcohol were consumed totaling $114 billion dollars of beer, wine, and liquor.  Changes in taste preferences through the years have consumers demanding stronger and more complex flavors found in small craft batches with expensive high quality ingredients.  Increased extraction of these flavors can represent significant cost savings and faster production.

Knowledge and experience can be just as critical as technology in creating a successful process for a customer. In addition to the technology, XtractMor™ and its partners have deep knowledge of the alcohol industry and its culture. The combination of technology, knowledge and experience allow XtractMor™ to provide customers with superior process solutions.