The Xtractor harnesses the pressure fluctuations of cavitation to improve extraction and increased hop flavor.  With the proliferation of craft breweries, the demand for hops and prices have increased.  The Xtractor technology can allow brewers to produce bitter beers with up to 50% less hops, both bittering and aroma hops for dry- hopping, as well as improve the extraction of fruits, coffee and other flavors.  The Xtractor can also increase production through faster dry hopping and increase beer yield by producing less beer-soaked hop waste.

The Xtractor can provide brewers benefits such as:

  • 50% less bittering hops
  • 50% less dry hopping aroma hops
  • Impart other flavors such as fruits, coffee and wood chips
  • Increased hopping speed
  • Minimized protein damage
  • Sell more finished beer with less beer soaked hop waste

Simple Install

ShockWave Power Hops Extraction Loop

Some of our Installs and Awards


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