The ShockWave Xtraction (SX) technology harnesses the physical phenomenon of cavitation, normally considered a destructive force, to solve critical extraction problems. Extraction is typically defined as the action of taking out something, especially using effort or force. The SX technology uses the powerful pressure fluctuations of cavitation to assist in extraction. As cavitation bubbles form and collapse producing shockwaves a solvent is pushed deeply into solids and then pulled back out with a suction-like action the includes the extracted product. The extraction advantages of cavitation and similar ultrasonic technologies have been known for years, however the SX Technology can greatly intensify the forces and on larger process flows than typically possible with other conventional technologies. Patent applications for both device and process patents have been filed for extraction applications both domestically and abroad to complement and expand our existing patents.

Knowledge and experience can be just as critical as technology in creating a successful process for a customer. In addition to the technology, XtractMor™ and its partners have deep knowledge of the alcohol industry and its culture. The combination of technology, knowledge and experience allow XtractMor™ to provide customers with superior process solutions.